24.09.2015 13:48 Age: 2 yrs

fiatec takes over the exclusive distribution for all PTI test contaminants throughout Europe

Since the middle of 2015 fiatec is announced to be the official trade partner if PTI (Powder Technology Inc.) located in Minneapolis, USA.

PTI is the leading manufacturer of ISO 12103-1 test dust grades as well as other test contaminants used for testing automotive, aerospace, military and many other mechanical components.

fiatec is now able to provide the full products range to customers in any European country. Beside standard products we are able to offer and develope customized test contaminants based on the clients needs.


17.10.2017 09:37

ARAMCO Prüfstand according 32-SAMSS08

Expansion oft he test capacities by gas turbine filtration, system filter elements for pulse-jet...

25.10.2016 09:05

Test Laboratory for Filter Testing awarded with CrefoZert honor

fiatec GmbH, the institute for air filter testing, again is awarded with the CrefoZert award from...